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A Guy at the Door..


Today our video doorbell went off, so I answered it digitally because I thought the guy was a salesman. Plus, we were about to leave. He said he was from the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I quickly made my way to the door. I have always been a little unsure about the 7DA, so it was a way to have a quick conversation with someone who has some different views and give me a peek into their beliefs. I had read a lot and heard some things but no discussions with an actual person.

I admired the Elder's fervor and his presentation of the well-polished script. He was nervous but prepared. He jumped into the Mosaic Law, specifically the Sabbath. However, he focussed heavily on the atoning work of Jesus! I urged him on and agreed where I could, letting him chat for a little bit. When he took a breath, I jumped in. And immediately kept pushing Jesus! We both agreed how we could never measure up to the standard in the Mosaic Law and were excited that Jesus provided a better way! It was spirited, and even though we didn't agree on some of the technicalities, we agreed on Jesus. Before he left, we prayed, and we rejoiced in the goodness of Jesus.

From this conversation, I could tell that this man understood the Gospel, and he got Jesus right. I grilled him a little bit about the essentials, and he seemed like he understood the scriptures and Jesus well.

I see a post every day about people wanting to discredit people because they have a different expression or another method. Most mean-spirited extra-biblical dogma is trying to discredit someone that isn't a certain flavor of the faith. You can have different methods and have the same Jesus. It's disconcerting. I understand examining ourselves and even holding people to scripture. Let us remember that Jesus is the main thing, and you must get him right! His teaching, nature, and finished work. Beloved, can we please stop discrediting people based upon an article we read or a method we prefer and focus on the MAIN THING!

Beloved, can we please stop discrediting people based upon an article we read or a method we prefer and focus on the MAIN THING!

This post is not about the theology of 7DA but more about a conversation.
I'm sure some will discount and correct my post, and maybe I'm wrong. Mabe the 7DA are overtly deceived, OR perhaps they just have some odd non-essential views.
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