My heart and prayer is that I can be an encouragement in your pursuit of Jesus and equip you in the advancement of His Kingdom!”
Pastor Josh

Coming in January 2018

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Josh Brown is very serious about a few things: loving Jesus, his family, being a Texan, and leadership. He started working in the ministry in 1993, primarily worship and youth ministry, and held youth pastor positions in multiple Texas cities from 1995-2012. Over those years, Pastor Josh raised up and launched out hundreds of teenagers and young adults, many of them in full time ministry themselves today. In 2012, Josh and his wife Leslie moved their family to Grand Prairie, TX and planted Overflow Church, where they continue to serve as the lead pastors today. Josh has studied and grown in his leadership ability over the years and is taking what he has experienced to help others along in their journey as he continues to be a student of leadership himself. His hope is to help others learn from his experiences, what worked, and definitely what didn’t.